Tourism Resources
   With a long history and splendid culture, Xinxiang has gained the honor as China Excellent Tourism City. Up to now, there are 46 cultural relic protection units and 60 national and provincial scenic spots    Mineral Resources--Up to now, more than 20 kinds of minerals have been discovered and explored in Xinxiang. The storage of coal is 8.4 billion tons, cement limestone 10 billion tons, marble (granite) over 2 billion m3, chalky clay and clay both more than 200 million m3.
   Baligou Scenic Spot is famous for its charming falls and lakes, and for the perfect combination of green mountains and clear water.
   The Hundred Springs Scenic Spot is one of the biggest and best preserved ancient gardens. It is called ¡°the Summer Palace in Central China¡± and ¡°the Mini West Lake in North China¡±.
   Bigan Temple
is Lin Family¡¯s ancestral hall. It was built in memory of the loyal minister Bigan, who died for his stubborn and loyal suggestion to the brutal king. Every year many people around the world come to visit the temple.