Resource Superiorities
   Xinxiang owns outstanding advantages on rich minerals, water, electricity, agriculture, land, human resoruces and tourism.
   Mineral Resources--Up to now, more than 20 kinds of minerals have been discovered and explored in Xinxiang. The storage of coal is 8.4 billion tons, cement limestone 10 billion tons, marble (granite) over 2 billion m3, chalky clay and clay both more than 200 million m3.
   Water resources--Xinxiang rides on the water systems of the Yellow River and Haihe River. The plains take up 78% of its whole area. At present, the capacity
of the reservoir is 199 million m3. The Yellow River runs about 170 km and cover
an area of 4558 km2 in Xinxiang .

   Electric Power Resources¡ª¡ªXinxiang is the production base of electricity in Central China. The present installed capacity is 1700 megawatt. The 4¡Á300 megawatt of Baoquan Hydraulic Power Plant and 2¡Á600 megawatt generating unit of Baoshan Power Plant are under construction, therefore the installed capacity will have reached 4700 megawatt in the near future.
   Agricultural Resources Xinxiang, with good natural conditions and fertile land, is the main production area of grain and cotton, the state production base of high-quality wheat, and the production and processing base of the animal husbandry in Henan Province.
   Human Resources Xinxiang has 3.5 million labors. There are 105 scientific research institutes in Xinxiang, including 3 state-level research institutes. (China Research Institute of Radio wave Propagation, Farmland Irrigation Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Precise Copper Tube Project Research Center of Chinese AcademyfSciences) Xinxiang has more than 120 project(enterprise) research centers of alllevel, and has nearly 129,000 technicians of all fields and levels. With 5 colleges and universities, Xinxiang ranks second in college¡¯s number in Henan Province just after Zhengzhou. There are 120 thousand existing students.