Preferential policy
   Designated by Party Central Propaganda Department as one of the 6 experienced cities for the construction of creditable nationally and chosen by Henan province as one of the 2 experimental cities for the construction of credit system. Xinxiang has a fine credit foundation and its environment for development is improving day by day. One-stop service is offered for coming-in investors by the implementation of responsibility for first inquiry, service commitment, fulfillment within specified time and traced service.
Six Pillar Industries
   ¡¤Projects funded by world¡¯s 500-strong enterprises and domestic 500-strong ones, projects listed in the category of Hi-new-tech and advanced technology, and projects whose investment in fixed assets reaches RMB 50 million Yuan or more will be supported by the municipal government according to the principle of ¡°One Project One Policy¡±.

  ¡¤For industrial enterprise funded by foreign investors whose operation period is longer than 10 yearsaccording to the registered capital (including the newly added capital), 20%-50% of its enterprise income tax levied as local fiscal revenue will be refunded as a reward for 5 successive years starting from the third year based on its added amount of tax contribution.
   ¡¤The newly established industrial productive enterprises are free from charges, despite the charges collect by the state and province, like various management charge, register charge and license charge, not including various social insurance charge and resources compensation charge.
   ¡¤Investment in municipal utilities such as road, heat supply, gas supply, drainage, sewage disposal, afforestation, parks and gardens, public transport, environment improvement ,etc. will be exempted from municipal supporting facility charges.
   ¡¤Investment in public welfare facilities for culture, hygienic, scientific, technical or sport purpose, etc. will be exempted from half of the municipal supporting facility charges.
   ¡¤For the important projects on hi-new ¨Ctech industries, they only need to pay half of the real estate poundage and register charge.