The Pillar Industries of Xinxiang City
   Xinxiang, with its appropriate industrial formation and strong products assembly capacity, has become an advanced processing base in the group of Central Plain cities. There are 661 enterprises whose annual output value are above RMB 5 million Yuan, and 104 large and medium sized enterprises. There are 12 key industrial enterprises listed in the top 100 enterprises in Henan Province, 20 enterprises with annual sale income of more than 500 RMB million Yuan and 2 enterprises more than RMB 5 billion Yuan. Moreover, there are 4 state-level famous brands, 20 provincial level famous brands.

   Electronic InformationBased on the enterprises of Xinfei Group, Golden Dragon Group, Huanyu Group, Kelong Group and Liaoyuan Company, etc., it mainly develop the industries of green battery, semi-conductor and material, applied electronic, military electronic and electronic circuit, etc.
   Bio-engineering and New Drug and New Medicine There are 26 pharmaceutical factories and 30 medical apparatus, hygienic material and pharmaceutical packing material enterprises in xinxiang. The blood products made by hualan Bio-engineering Co., Ltd. rank No 1 in china with a market share of one seventh.
   Automobiles and Automobile ComponentsWith the backbone enterprises of Henan Xinfei Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd, Xinhang Group, and Xinge Group, Xinxiang is one of the eight automobile components industry assembly areas which is specially supported by Henan province. The dominant productions of special purpose vehicle, air-conditioning system, steering, filter, and brake have beenloped emphatically. There are 30-odd production enterprises of automobiles and automobile components at present. The total sales take 25% in the provincial market.
   Special Equipment Manufacture Many enterprises and group which have relative and brand advantages locate in Xinxiang City, such as Weihua Crane, Taihang Vibrating Group, Xinji Group and Tianfeng Steel Board Company, etc. They are mainly engaged in developing the high value-added products, such as the non-standard equipment, new-styled steel construction and constructing materials, digital-controlled machine tool and port facilities, etc. Xinxiang cranes nearly monopolize the domestic market of medium and small tonnage crane equipments (below 50t) and their fittings.
   Food Processing The food processing industry takes Xinliang Co., Changyuan Group, Yatelan Co., Wudeli Co., Wahaha Co., Sanlu Co., Wandashan Co. and Asian Beer Group as leading enterprises. It mainly develops the quality special flour and related products, milk products, fruit and vegetable drinks and beer, etc.
   Chemical Industry It mainly develop the industries of coal chemical, daily use chemical, engineering chemical, fine chemical, etc. The representative enterprises are Xinlianxin Co., Huanghe Chemical Industry Co., Xinxiang Liby Co., Shengma Chemical Industry Co. and Zhongbang Chemical Industry Co., etc.