Brief Introduction to Xinxiang
 Xinxiang, facing the Yellow River, is located in the north of Henan Province. It is made up of two country-level cities, 6 counties and four districts. The total area of the city is 8169 km2, among which the urban area covers 422 km2. Its population is 5.6 million, including 1 million urban residents.Today, Xinxiang has gained various reputations of the Advanced Processing Base among the group of cities in Central Plain China, the Production Base for high-quality wheat, and China Excellent Tourism City. It has become the economics, culture, transportation and communication centers in North Henan.

   Xinxiang, boasting a long history, has the vestiges of Yangshao and Longshan cultures. The 6th year of Sui Dynasty, i.e. 586 A.D., saw the establishment of Xinxiang County. Many important historical events took place here, such as, Muye Fighting; the famous politician Zhangliang¨s assassinating on the king of Qin Dynasty; and Chenqiao Mutiny which led to the beginning of Song Dynasty. Xinxiang served as the capital of Pingyuan Province since August 1949 to April, 1952.
    The proportion of three industries is13.9 to53.6to 31.9. According to the data from the State Statistical Bureau, Xinxiang takes the 79th place among the top 100 comprehensively strongest cities, the 3rd place in Henan Province.
   Its GDP in 2015 reached RMB 191.8 billion yuan, 6.0% over that of the year before.
   The social investment on fixed assets reached RMB 51.22 billion yuan, 36.9% over that of the year before.
   The general budget income reached RMB 41.1 billion yuan, 26% over that of the year before.
   The total retail sales of social consumption reached RMB 22.45 billion yuan, 18.3% over that of last year.
  The volume of foreign trade reached USD 13.8 million, 42.6% over that of the year before.